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Friday, December 23, 2005

Phals and species Cattleya


I just got 30 flasks of Phalenopsis, two different varieties. I'll be starting on the flasks after the holidays. I'll be putting up some pictures and hopefully some step by step how to. I'll put up some of the ways I've learned to deflask. Everyone has their way. I was recently told not to break the bottles or swish water around the bottle to get them out. This grower said its best to use long tongs to gently free them up. I guess its a bit more gentle. Every grower I know says something different, even condtradicting what another expert grower says. So I'll show the different methods. So I'll show deflasking and potting.

I also got 100 species Cattleya. Some of them had just finished flowering, and quite a few are set to open in the next few weeks. I'll put some pictures of them up to.

If you'd like, you could put down any topics of growing orchids you would like to learn about.


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